JaTy is really free dating site

JaTy is a real chance to find a true love. Do you know that every second couple in Europe meet via the Internet? People are looking for love, they need it. No matter if you are a shy person or social butterfly, you always have a lot on the Internet a better chance to meet your attractive other half who will accompany you at any time Your life.

Our activity is aimed at people who dream of meeting someone wonderful and exceptional. Thanks to all the necessary features, such as chat, you get everything you need to start searching.

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JaTy becomes free forever

Did you know that premium is only two things "no ads" and "showing slightly higher in search results". The rest of the functionality becomes free and available to every user!

Online dating turns into live dating

JaTy is both an application and a dating site that will allow you to build long-term relationships, but also meet friends to go for a drink with someone or to the cinema. It is aimed at all lonely people, perhaps a bit shy, who need help in what is particularly difficult nowadays - finding love and friendship.

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JaTy will help you find love for free!

Would you like to meet your love today? Are you feeling lonely? Are you single or single who would like to meet someone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it means that the JaTy dating website and app is for you. See how true love can change your life!

JaTy Dating App

JaTy is not only a dating website but also an application available directly for Android in the Google Play store.

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JaTy Free Online Dating - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

Is JaTy Dating Site really free?

YES. The optional premium is only responsible for appearing slightly higher in search results, and the portal does not display advertisements.

Therefore, all available portal functions are available for free.

Why is JaTy free?

The answer to this question why our website is available for free is very simple - we want to give it to you a chance to find true love. Therefore, we will continue to focus on the lack of vulgar content, and giving you all the tools you need for online dating.

Who will be the people I meet?

JaTy brings together people from all over the world who are looking for their love. We attach great importance down this to there was no so-called fakes, i.e. false accounts, set up by dishonest users. We do not make any guarantees that our users will be real, but we have the best companion of the real ones accounts, from all dating sites.

Is registration difficult?

Of course not registration JaTy online dating is trivially simple and takes seconds.

How do dating sites work?

Different solutions are seen on different portals, but the general goal is always the same - to find love.

Is JaTy only available to adults?

Yes, but not because of the controversial content posted by users. JaTy is not a portal down seeking earnings or scamming, and our goal and mission is to help people find the real thing love.

How we take care of your data

Nobody registered on the portal or in the application will see you or any of your data there. Portal JaTy applies very high security standards so that our users can remain anonymous in outside the portal and the app.